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General Medical and Emergency Fund

We are in need of medical supplies like distemper and parvo shots, to help street dogs before they contract these devastating illnesses. The shots are approximately $10 USD per dog, a small price for needless suffering and pain.
We also take on many emergency medical cases and money is low to non existent sometimes but how do you say no to an animal who is suffering? We can’t but we need help!
Please consider donating to our fund so that we can continue to help those who are not able to help themselves, our most vulnerable and voiceless.

Help our dogs with a donation.

Donations go towards medical costs, transportation, boarding, and emergency care. They also help to feed the homeless dogs and cats of the lower mainland through our food bank. Thank you so much for being one of our donators, the dogs and cats thank you.

Another way to donate is via e-transfer at

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Our appreciation to Eunice & Dawn at Bosley’s by Pet Value for their continued support and amazing donations. The dogs and cats thank you.

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