Please keep in mind that there may be multiple applications for a single dog and that even if your phone interview and home check are successful, there is no guarantee that you will be matched with the dog you have applied for. We place dogs on their best fit.


You must be 21 or older and be able to meet the dog when it arrives at Vancouver, Seattle International Airport or at Peace Arch Park. Any costs associated for a dog to be adopted outside of the lower mainland are at the expense of the adopter. If the adoption does not work out, the expense to bring the dog back is also the responsibility of the adopter.

FAMILIES WITH YOUNG CHILDREN – Please note that with very few exceptions, it is our policy not to adopt any dog into a home with children younger than eight years old. Even if a dog has been tested with children, we cannot be 100% sure how the dog will react to all children in all circumstances. Therefore, for the safety of your children (and the dog) we will not process applications where there are children under the age of eight living in the home. We understand that this policy may frustrate some people, especially those who are very dog experienced and/or have children who are used to being around dogs but we hope you will appreciate our position.


The first step in the application process is filling out the application form by clicking on the “Adopt” button on the dog’s web site profile. The application may seem rather long but the questions are all important in helping us determine the suitability of bringing an overseas rescue into your home. As a result, we recommend you take time to fill out each question fully and thoughtfully.

If questions are not answered or an answer indicates that your home may not be suitable for one of our dogs, your application will be denied and a denial letter will be emailed to you. Please understand that denial is not necessarily a reflection on your ability to provide for a dog, just that we are not confident that a match would be successful for one of our dogs. Should your application be denied we suggest perhaps applying with a different rescue group or looking for a local dog that you can go and meet first.

The next step is a Phone Interview conducted by one of our volunteers at a time that is convenient for you both. Our volunteer will generally be in contact with you approximately three to five days after you submit your application. The purpose of the phone interview is to discuss answers on your application and ask any clarifying questions. We want to hear about your past dog experience, your lifestyle and what you are looking for in a dog. The average call takes about 15 minutes and will mostly be about you, not the dog you are applying for. Most of our volunteers are adopters themselves so the Phone Interview is also a great opportunity for you to chat about their adoption experience too! Upon completion, the volunteer will report back to the Adoption Team who will determine if your application qualifies to go to the next step.

Once the Phone Interview notes have been reviewed and approved, you will be contacted (generally within three to five days) with regards to setting up a time to do a Home Check. Home Checks are currently being done remotely by video chat, Skype, Whatsapp, etc. but will hopefully return to in-person visits once the Covid crisis has passed. The purpose of the Home Check is to ensure that your home is ready to accept a dog. Our dogs won’t care if the dishes are done or the laundry is folded and neither do we! Instead, we will be looking for things like possible escape areas and potential safety hazards. If we see any areas of concern we will discuss these with you so that changes can be made prior to the dog’s arrival.


Upon completion, the volunteer will report back to one of our Adoption Facilitators who will determine if your application qualifies to go to the next step.

Assuming you have met all the requirements and it seems likely that an adoption would be successful, you should hear good news from our Adoption Team that your application has been approved! Approval notification is done via email within approximately three to five days of completing your home check. You will also be notified at that time whether a match has been made with the dog(s) you applied for OR if we feel that you would be better suited for a different dog. We will do our best to offer alternative suggestions whenever possible.


**Please keep in mind that there may be multiple applications for a single dog and that even if your Phone Interview and Home Check are successful, that is no guarantee that you will be matched with the dog you have applied for.

If you have applied for a dog that is being fostered locally, once you have received the approval email, we will connect you directly with the foster family so that you can arrange to meet the dog. The meeting is typically done in a socially-distanced fashion at a mutually agreed upon location. It is possible that either you or the foster may request that additional meeting(s) take place before a final decision is made. Before taking the dog home you will be asked to complete and sign the adoption contract and send us the adoption fee by e-transfer.

If you have been approved to adopt an overseas dog you will be asked to send a $100 CDN refundable deposit. The deposit is NOT refundable, if you decide to cancel the adoption after a Flight Volunteer has already been found. Flight Volunteers are extremely valuable and a lot of work goes into finding a willing passenger and booking the dog onto his or her ticket. This means it is extremely important that you let us know right away if your adoption plans change.

Once the dog has been secured with your deposit, he or she goes onto a flight wait list. The shelter then works to find a traveler who is willing to add the dog & crate as ‘extra luggage’ onto their ticket. (There is no cost to the traveler to do this as the shelter covers all extra expenses.) Once a Flight Volunteer has been found, the dog is checked by a veterinarian who will ensure that the dog is healthy and that his or her shots are up to date. The vet will then approve the dog for flight and provide all medical documentation including their vaccination record.

Once the dog’s flight has been booked you will receive an email with their flight information as well as specific instructions regarding where you need to park when you get to the airport, what time you need to be there and what you need to bring with you including a Martingale collar, 4-6’ leash, poo bags, food and water. You may also want to bring a few extra towels and blankets that you can keep in the car in case there are any messes to clean up. 

Once your dog arrives the remainder of the adoption fee is required

Please send the amount due by e-Transfer to

You will also need to sign the Adoption Agreement and send it to

After submitting both the remaining Adoption Fee and Adoption Agreement, the adoption is considered to be final. Please note: we are available if there are any issues with your new pup and will discuss options if the adoption will not work out.

The wait is over and your dog is here! YAY! The dog’s paperwork including vaccination records will be handed over to you at the airport.

NOTE: Our adoption fees do not include for certain airport-related costs. If your dog is flying into Vancouver, you can expect to pay a $31.50 CAD Agricultural Inspection Fee in order for Canadian Customs to release your dog. There may also be a $20 CAD  porter fee. If your dog is flying into Seattle, similar fees may apply. Please bring cash to the airport for these costs.  If your dog is coming to Peace Arch park there is a duty required on the adoption fee but the other fees are not charged. If picking up a Peace Arch Park you may also be required to quarantine.


CONGRATULATIONS! You are now on your way home with your newest family member!

Street dogs have often never gone to the dentist. The majority of dogs will need to have their teeth cleaned upon adoption. This is at the expense of the adopter. We can not guarantee the condition of a dog’s teeth and will take no responsibility for any issues, pre-existing or otherwise.

Not all homes need a fenced yard, however, if a yard is partially fenced, you will be required to secure the yard.

The breeds assigned to most dogs are educated guesses. We encourage you to do as much research as you can about the breed (if known) prior to applying. However, it is not recommended that you restrict your search for a specific type of dog, nor to put too much into what breed is identified for a dog. If you have to have a specific breed, we are not able to guarantee it. Keep in mind that the identified breed could be something different and don’t fall in love with an assumption.

Dogs are vaccinated for rabies, parvo, distemper and leptospirosis. Note that the dogs are vaccinated to the standards of the country of origin and for (CBSA) customs requirements, you may need to add booster shots to your furry friend, this is at your own cost. The rescue is not responsible for additional vet fees.

Understanding that most dogs are not coming from a country that has the same standards of living for dogs as in Canada is important. Many dogs are living in a shelter and under less than ideal conditions.

Most dogs eight months of age or older will have been spayed or neutered prior to their arrival to Canada. Exceptions are those for whom a health condition prevents them from safely undergoing surgery. Typically puppies younger than eight months cannot be spayed or neutered prior to their arrival.

All adopted puppies MUST be spayed/neutered before the age of nine months. Confirmation that this has been done is mandatory for finalizing of the adoption. If adopting a puppy, the cost of the operation is at the expense of the new owner.

 All dogs must be returned to the rescue if the adoption does not work out, leaving adoption fees non refundable.

Payment of adoption fees constitutes agreement with the adoption contract even if the contract is not signed and returned.

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